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The NGO « PRO-NEAMUL » carries out projects to support social and cultural history of the community Mingir, district Hincesti, Republic of Moldova

Authors: Lazar Iulian, & Albero Raymond

Memorial of Mingir, Moldova


To all people of good faith in Republic of Moldova and abroad regarding the project implementation of the

“Mingir Memorial Complex” within the Hincesti district, Republic of Moldova

Old Cemetery located in Mingir village population 6,000, Hincesti district, Republic of Moldova, serves as a place of repentance. Established in the early eighteenth century, the cemetery was used until 1880, demolished during the 1941-1945 war, and has been restored and cared for by citizens. The cemetery represents the village’s oldest landmark. In 2000, a monument was erected in Old Cemetery because of the initiative of Iacob Lupanciuc and the support of Mingir villagers honoring 226 soldiers of Mingir, who died serving in wars from 1914-1918 and 1941-1945.

The Mingir Memorial Complex will, with approval of the local administration and Government, contain a memorial wall and reconstruct an Old Church (1720-1880) with an altar, steeple, cemetery symbol, a three meters high granite candlestick, and other elements. A 5.2 meters high granite memorial will be built in memory of the 900 victims of starvation in 1946-1947. The landscape will consist of fields, walkways, and benches. Upon completion, the Mingir Memorial Complex will be a point of interest of Euro-regional Siret-Prut-Dniester tourist tour.

Construction began at the end of 2010 with a completion date set in 2011. The initial funding came from the public group "PRO-NEAMUL" in the amount of MDL 62,000 (EURO 4000 or U.S. $5000), Iacob Lupanciuc in the amount of MDL 48,000 (EURO 3000 or U.S. $4,000), and Hincesti District Council and Mingir Village Hall in the amount of  MDL 20,000 (Euro 2,500 or U.S. $ 3,300). The estimated cost of the memorial will be approximately MDL 1.85 million (EURO 115,000 or U.S. $154,000).

Under the circumstance, the public group "PRO-NEAMUL", District Council, Mingir Village Hall, district Hincesti call upon all people of good faith, economic agents, and organizations within the country and abroad for financial support for the completion of the "Mingir Memorial Complex" project. This complex will have a dominant influence on historical and cultural community past.

God Bless us all.

To donate, please use the following bank accounts established by the

Public Association “PRO-NEAMUL”